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See here how quickly thieves steal vehicles


The following videos were not posed, but are real images from surveillance cameras. They show how thieves use a range extender (similar to the Range Extender Plus) to steal vehicles. Our customers report that they have already heard about this method of theft from the media but are not very afraid that their vehicle might be next.

However, as soon as we demonstrate to the customer how easy and quick it is to open and start the engine with the Range Extender Plus on their own vehicle, all customers are surprised and deeply shocked because the on-board immobiliser and alarm system had not even been triggered. The Range Extender Plus simply deactivated them as soon as the vehicle was opened. Without exception, all customers wanted us to install suitable electronic or mechanical protection after the demonstration on the customer's vehicle, so that such theft methods would be prevented in the future.

Since we have been using the Range Extender Plus for demonstration purposes on customer vehicles, our turnover in the sale and installation of security measures has increased almost tenfold. You too can increase your turnover and help to ensure that thieves are unsuccessful with such methods in the future and can no longer steal vehicles in this way.