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In addition to vehicle trading, we have been specializing in vehicle accessories for many years. Unfortunately, during the Corona period, vehicle trading came to a complete halt due to the temporary ban on such activities. All dealers were required to close their physical stores, and this had a significant impact on our business as well.

During this challenging time, the Range Extender Plus became an essential part of our operations and allowed us to generate monthly sales by offering the installation of external security systems despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic. While vehicle sales were prohibited, providing services was still allowed. We began by installing keyless gear shift locks, steering columns, and OBD locks, and expanded our offerings to include external immobilizers and alarm systems.

The reason we received these installation orders was that we demonstrated to vehicle owners, using the Range Extender Plus on their own cars, just how quickly thieves can steal a vehicle using such a method.(see videos here) It is crucial for the success of this approach that the demonstration is always performed on the customer's vehicle, with their explicit permission.

Since the installation of car security systems only works locally (as individuals from distant locations are unlikely to request our services due to the distance involved), the Range Extender Plus proves to be an invaluable tool and support for car dealers and automotive companies in both selling and installing security systems. You will quickly observe the positive impact of utilizing the Range Extender Plus through increased sales.

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