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The Range Extender Plus is a special "opening and starting tool" for all vehicles with the function "Keyless Go", "Keyless Start", "Smart Key" etc. With the Range Extender Plus it is possible to amplify the signals of a vehicle key located in a building and to pass it on to the vehicle itself over longer distances even through walls. With the Range Extender Plus, vehicles can be opened and started without the vehicle key.

The Range Extender Plus opens the vehicle doors without the vehicle key, starts the engine, switches off the on-board alarm system and the immobilizer, and is thus a master key for all keyless vehicles. Opening or starting the vehicle with the Range Extender Plus is completely undetectable.

The Range Extender Plus is specially produced for car dealerships and auto repair shops, so they can show their customers how easily and quickly keyless vehicles can be opened and started without a key. Unfortunately, statistics show that vehicle thefts are increasing, regardless of the manufacturer (see videos here). And manufacturers continue to build these insecure keyless systems in their new vehicles.

We have been using the device for some time now to demonstrate to customers on their own vehicles how insecure the locking systems of manufacturers are even in new vehicles. That's why we now offer the Range Extender Plus for all car dealerships and garages.

When we started demonstrating to customers in car dealerships and garages how easily and quickly theft can occur using this method on their own vehicles, everyone, without exception, was shocked. In most cases, it was even faster to open the vehicle using this method compared to using the original key. Immediately after the demonstration, every customer expressed a desire for measures to be taken to prevent their car from being stolen.

As a result of car dealerships utilizing the Range Extender Plus to demonstrate directly on customer vehicles how quickly such thefts can happen, many dealerships have begun selling and installing immobilizers and alarm systems. Secure systems are now available on the market that dealerships and car dealers can install to prevent such attacks.

Prior to the existence of the Range Extender Plus, we sold an average of 2-3 high-quality immobilizers and alarm systems per month, including installation. However, after using the Range Extender Plus for demonstration purposes on customer vehicles, we now sell an average of 20-25 high-quality immobilizers and alarms per month, in addition to providing installation services. Thanks to the Range Extender Plus, sales of security systems have increased more than tenfold.

You can also contribute to making vehicles safer, preventing such thefts, and simultaneously increasing your turnover by selling and installing security systems.

Due to the overwhelming enthusiasm of many car dealerships and car workshops for the Range Extender Plus, we have decided to offer the device exclusively to all car dealerships and car workshops.

By doing so, you can generate a minimum of 15-20 installation orders per month starting from day one. This means that the costs for the Range Extender Plus will be quickly recouped.

Please consider that every time you show a customer the Range Extender Plus (this works best on the customer’s vehicle), you demonstrate how easily and quickly thieves can steal their vehicle (see videos here). This will make the customer more open to high-quality protection that you can install for them. That is why using the Range Extender Plus in the presence of the customer is so important.


Important Note:
We distance ourselves from any criminal activity or use of the Range Extender Plus


How it works

Two people are usually required to use the Range Extender Plus. The Car Unit consists of a small, very light device and fits in any jacket or trouser pocket. Thus, the use on the vehicle is completely unobtrusive. There are various options for transporting the key unit such a an laptop bag, small backpack, plastic bags, etc.

The scanner key unit can also be worn directly on the body. The very light, very flexible and flat antenna is simply strapped to the back. The antenna easily adapts to the shape of the body. A jacket is then pulled over to "cover up". Keys and power supply are then stored in the inner pockets of the jacket.

The carrier of the scanner key unit no longer has anything in their hands and can move freely and completely inconspicuously when scanning the vehicle key.

Technical specifications:

Keyless Frequencies: 20-40kHz + 120-140kHz

Others: 300-330MHz, 400-460MHz, 850-890MHz
(transmits all key frequencies without exception)

Range between scanner unit and car unit: 100 meters
(depending on development, skyscrapers, forests, etc.)

Range from the key scanner to the key: 10 meters!
(depending on the power of the key battery)

very light, total weight: 930 grams including the batteries

Hand-held device (car unit) no larger than 2 cigarette packs

can be worn completely invisible

Automatically detects the vehicle's keyless frequency
(no manual switching necessary)

is operated with standard batteries

Batteries can be replaced in a flash
(therefore unlimited continuous operation possible)


Important NOTE
We distance ourselves from any criminal activity or use of the Range Extender Plus.


Costs & Shipping and payment options

Due to the strong price fluctuations in recent years for the very high quality components, please ask for the current price for the Range Extender Plus. Write us an email or call us.

We accept the following payment methods: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Paypal and Western Union. Other payment methods are available upon request.

Many of our customers also take advantage of the top conditions of our leasing and financing offers. You can determine the term yourself and pay conveniently in monthly installments. If you are interested, we will be happy to put you in touch with our financial service provider.

You can also pick up the Range Extender Plus from us. If you wish to do this, we ask that you make an appointment. You are also welcome to test the Range Extender Plus before you buy it from us.

We prefer shipping with DHL Express, FedEx or UPS so that your package will reach you no later than 3 days after your payment to us. Of course, “overnight” deliveries are also possible upon request.

Important Note:
We distance ourselves from any criminal activity or use of the Range Extender Plus.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions frequently asked by our customers, along with corresponding answers for better understanding.

There are two frequency bands for keyless applications. Which frequency does the Range Extender Plus use?
There are indeed multiple frequencies used for keyless applications. However, the Range Extender Plus is designed to work with all frequencies. You no longer need to search for or test the correct keyless frequency because the Range Extender Plus automatically recognizes the appropriate frequency as soon as it approaches the vehicle. The user doesn't need to worry about anything; the Range Extender Plus takes care of everything.

How close do I need to be to the key for the Range Extender Plus to recognize the signal?
With the Range Extender Plus, you have a range of up to 10 meters to the key.

How does the principle behind the Range Extender Plus work exactly?
In simple terms, a person stands within a 10-meter radius of the vehicle key while scanning all key signals within the same radius. In a high-rise building, for example, there could be hundreds of signals. The Range Extender Plus transmits these signals to a second person equipped with the receiver. The Range Extender Plus autonomously selects the correct signal from the desired vehicle and opens the vehicle door with a simple touch. The same principle applies to the starting process.

if you have any further questions, write us an e-mail or give us a call.


Comments and Ratings

(Translated with Google translator)

Peter McLaughlin 2/14/2023
It's so scary how fast this goes. I unlocked the car in seconds without a key.

Brian Goldstein 3/7/2023
Shipping with DHL Express took 2 days. Package well packed, and the device seems to be of good quality. It made a high-valued and over all good impression.

John Sullivan 3/13/2023
I tested it on over 40 different vehicle types, and there were no issues. It worked on all vehicles.

Alexander Wilson 4/6/2023
So far, the device has worked exactly as described. My customers are shocked at how fast it works. I already have a few orders for the installation of alarm systems and immobilizers.

Michael Beckmann 4/28/2023
Everything works exactly as described. I will recommend this device to my colleagues.

Scott Vaughan 6/24/2023
I will store the device in the safe every night. I don't want to risk it being stolen and potentially used by thieves to steal cars.

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